Terms and Conditions of the National Heritage Institute

Purchasing E-Tickets Through the E-Ticketing Web Portal


General Provisions

  1. The National Heritage Institute is a state-funded organization established by the Czech Ministry of Culture with its registered office located at Valdštejnské nám. 162/3, Prague 1, Identification No. (IČO): 75032333 (hereinafter “NPÚ”). NPÚ contact address for customers is: prodej@npu.cz.
  2. These Terms and Conditions regulate the mutual rights and obligations of the parties arising from their legal relationships established by the purchase by legal entities or natural persons (hereinafter the “Customer”) of tickets for guided or unguided tours, visits and cultural, social or other events organized by NPÚ or third parties (hereinafter the “Events”) through the NPÚ web portal at https://npuvstupenky.colosseum.eu. By purchasing a ticket for an Event (hereinafter the “e-ticket”), the Customer accepts and agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
  3. These Terms and Conditions constitute an inseparable part of the contract between the Customer and NPÚ closed by the purchase of an e-ticket to the extent that NPÚ is the organizer of the Event. Both the Terms and Conditions, and the contract have been prepared both in Czech and in English. However, should the Czech and the English versions differ, the original Czech version will be considered the correct one.
  4. NPÚ does not provide e-ticket reservations.
  5. E-ticket prices are available at the official monument websites managed by NPÚ. The final price of each e-ticket appears in the Customer´s shopping basket before the purchase.


Event Organizer Other Than NPÚ

  1. In case where NPÚ ensures the sale and distribution of e-tickets for an Event organized by other subject, NPÚ shall always act in the name and for the account of the Event organizer based on an authorization granted by a separate contract between NPÚ and the organizer. By purchasing an e-ticket for such Event, a legal relationship arises between the Customer purchasing the e-ticket and the organizer of the Event. Consequently, the Customer shall submit all claims to the Event organizer.
  2. In cases where NPÚ ensures the sale and distribution of e-tickets for Events that are organized by other subject, NPÚ shall bear no responsibility for holding or not holding any such Event, for any changes of any Event, its date or venue, for the progress of any Event, any occurrences during the Events or for anything arising from these Events. NPÚ shall bear no responsibility for any harm or damage incurred by the Customer or any third party in connection with the Event. In particular, NPÚ shall bear no responsibility for any costs incurred by the Customer in connection with the Event, its holding, change or cancellation. Any and all related claims shall be submitted to the Event organizer.
  3. Upon the purchase of an e-ticket, the Customer shall be informed about the Event organizer.


Rights and Obligations of the Parties

  1. Upon ordering an e-ticket, the Customer shall ensure that all provided data are true and correct. The data provided by the Customer when ordering an e-ticket shall be considered correct by NPÚ.
  2. The Customer attending a specific Event shall always be bound by the rules stipulated by the Event organizer. The Customer is further obliged to abide by the operating rules and visitor rules of the venue.
  3. NPÚ reserves the right to change the program, date or venue of the Event. By purchasing an e-ticket, the Customer acknowledges this right of NPÚ.
  4. NPÚ shall bear no responsibility for the validity and authenticity of e-tickets purchased outside the portal https://npuvstupenky.colosseum.eu. The Customer shall be obliged to always keep the purchased tickets in a safe place and to avoid displaying or showing them to other persons. Public display of the tickets may involve risk of the bar code and ticket number abuse and, as a result, the Customer may be denied access to the Event. This particularly includes publishing photos of the e-ticket on social networks or sharing the email with the e-ticket download link. NPÚ strictly recommends avoiding buying e-tickets from non-official sources.
  5. The Customer acknowledges that the software and other components of the website https://npuvstupenky.colosseum.eu are copyright protected. The Customer agrees to refrain from all activities that could lead to their unauthorised use or alteration by the Customer or any third party.
  6. When using the website https://npuvstupenky.colosseum.eu, the Customer is not authorized to use any mechanisms, software or other procedures that could have a negative impact on the operation of the website. The website may only be used in compliance with its purpose and to the extent that it is not at the expense of other NPÚ customers’ rights.
  7. In relation to the Customer, NPÚ is not bound by any codes of conduct pursuant to the provisions of Section 1826(1)(e) of the Czech Civil Code.
  8. The Customer acknowledges that NPÚ is not responsible for any errors arising from third party alterations of the website or from using the website in contradiction with its purpose. The Customer hereby assumes the risk of a change of circumstances pursuant to Section 1765 (2) of the Czech Civil Code.


E-Ticket Purchase Process

  1. Event Selection
    The Customer selects the date of the tour or Event of his/her choice on the ticket portal. The Customer then proceeds by selecting a specific tour or Event and placing it to the shopping cart.
  2. Login
    a) Prior to his/her first purchase, the Customer can register and create a customer account. By purchasing a ticket, the account is set automatically and the login information is sent to the Customer´s email. The Customer can see all purchased tickets at his/her account.
    b) The password must contain a minimum of 6 characters. Passwords are case and diacritics sensitive. It is in the Customer´s interest to select a secure password; it is not recommended to use login name, a single repeating character, a sequence of numbers, 3 etc. as a password. We advise a combination of letters and numbers and special characters, such as: $, + , /, @ etc.
  3. Choosing the Number of Tickets and the Entry Fee
    For each tour or event in the shopping cart the Customer selects the appropriate entry fee category and the number of tickets. The number of tickets for any Event may be limited. Details about individual categories may be found under the blue information icon. To proceed, one must click „Continue“.
  4. Basket Content
    The basket will show all e-tickets selected by the Customer, the related payment method and e-ticket delivery method. The Customer is requested to check the content of the basket including the prices and the selected language of the Event, and then to proceed by clicking “Continue”.
  5. Completion of the Purchase
    Unregistered Customers may opt to buy tickets without registration (they will be required to fill in their surname, name, telephone and email address to which the e-ticket should be sent). Registered Customers who have logged in to their customer account, will receive their etickets to the email address linked to the account. After logging in, the Customer will be requested to confirm his/her email address.
  6. Payment
    After clicking the “Pay” button the Customer will be redirected to a ČSOB safe payment gateway; using an online payment card is the only payment method possible.
  7. The e-ticket will be delivered to the email address provided by the Customer during the purchase without registration; upon purchase with registration, the e-ticket will be delivered to the email address used for logging in to the client account. NPÚ is not responsible for the validity or accessibility of the email address. The e-ticket cannot be delivered in any other manner.
  8. The Customer agrees to use remote communication media to enter into the contract. The costs incurred by the Customer for using the remote communication media in connection with entering into the contract (costs of internet connection, phone calls, printing of e-tickets) shall be borne by the Customer. The Customer’s costs for using the remote communication media pursuant to the preceding sentence shall not differ from the basic rate.


Returning the E-tickets, Admission Fees and Warranty Claims

  1. The Customer acknowledges that, due to the reasons stipulated in Section 1837(j) of the Czech Civil Code, the Customer may not withdraw from the purchase of an e-ticket using the procedure described in Section 1829 of the Civil Code (withdrawal from a contract within 14 days without giving a reason) as the transaction involves a contract for leisure activities and the performance (attending an Event based on authorization in the form of the e-ticket) is provided at a specific date.
  2. There is no repurchase or exchange option applicable to an e-ticket. The Customer is not entitled to any compensation for or replacement of an e-ticket that has been damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen.
  3. The e-ticket entitles the Customer to attend an Event exclusively on the date and time indicated on the e-ticket. Using the ticket on another date and/or time is not possible.
  4. Any subsequent alteration of the e-ticket shall render the e-ticket invalid.
  5. Once used and checked by authorised person at the entry to the Event, the ticket is considered invalid, even to re-enter the same Event. Additional re-identification of the customer (stamps, tapes, turnstiles, etc.) is used for repeated entry to some types of events.
  6. Should an Event be cancelled, NPÚ shall either announce a substitute date or the method of admission fee refund. This information will be available at the official site of the monument, where the Event was supposed to take place.
  7. If the Customer provided his/her email address during the purchase of the e-ticket, he/she shall be notified about the cancellation of the Event to this email address. NPÚ is not liable to the Customer if the Customer cannot be reached via this contact in time or if the notification is sent in time, yet the Customer receives it with a delay.
  8. Compensation of other costs (e.g. accommodation, transport, postal fee) shall not be provided.
  9. All complaints and questions, if any, should be sent by email to the following address: prodej@npu.cz without undue delay. The Customer shall be informed about the decision concerning the complaint within 30 days from the receipt of the complaint by NPÚ, unless another deadline is agreed with the Customer.
  10. Upon complete cancellation of a non-NPÚ organized event, Customers, who have duly paid their tickets will be refunded by NPÚ, but only upon written request and to the amount of funds provided for this purpose to NPÚ by the organizer. The refund will be done via the payment card used by the Customer to purchase the ticket. The Event organizer shall be liable for any remaining unsatisfied amount of the Customer’s claim.
  11. Should an NPÚ organised event be completely cancelled, Customers who have duly paid their tickets shall be refunded within ten working days after the cancellation announcement via the payment card used to purchase the ticket.


Personal Data Protection

  1. NPÚ shall collect and maintain personal data provided by the Customer (even a potential customer) during the purchase of an e-ticket and use of NPÚ website. Pursuant to Czech Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data, “personal data” shall mean any information about the Customer that may serve for direct or indirect identification of the Customer. NPÚ shall collect and maintain personal data using electronic data carriers in a secured data storage device. Personal data are protected in compliance with the above Act on Personal Data Protection. Pursuant to the above Act, NPÚ may engage a third party processor to process personal data.
  2. The Customer acknowledges that he/she is obliged to provide true and correct personal data and inform NPÚ of any changes in its personal data without undue delay.
  3. NPÚ shall process personal data as follows: a) NPÚ shall collect personal data for the purposes of their subsequent use, such as distributing information about Event changes, ensuring Customers’ access to the Event, including sharing information with a non-NPÚ Event organizer if it is required to ensure the Customer’s access to the Event; b) NPÚ shall maintain personal data for the purposes of customer (potential customer) relations evaluation, maintenance and improvement or service/product improvement; c) NPÚ shall process personal data for marketing purposes; 5 d) NPÚ shall use personal data for the purposes of acquiring operating information, development of products/services and other activities that may support NPÚ’s business processes; e) NPÚ shall use personal information for the purposes of fulfilling statutory obligations.
  4. By providing personal information or by purchasing an e-ticket, the Customer grants his/her consent to personal data processing in the manner described above.
  5. Personal data shall be processed for the duration of the period necessary for fulfilling the purpose of their processing or for the required archiving period pursuant to the relevant generally binding regulations (whichever period is longer). In the above period, NPÚ shall allow the Customer to access the concluded contract, if the Customer requests it. Electronic personal data shall be processed using automatic data processing, printed data using non-automatic means.
  6. The Customer confirms that the personal data provided are accurate and he/she has been informed that the provision of personal data is voluntary. The Customer confirms that he/she has been informed that the consent to personal data processing may be withdrawn by a written notice delivered to NPÚ’s registered office.
  7. Should, in the Customer’s opinion, the personal data processing by NPÚ contradict the protection of the Customer’s private and personal life or the law, particularly if the personal data are inaccurate as to the purpose of their processing, the Customer shall have the following rights:
    • Request explanation from NPÚ;
    • Request NPÚ to remedy the situation, particularly to block, correct, supplement or erase/destroy the personal data. If the Customer’s request pursuant to the preceding sentence is deemed justified, NPÚ or the data processor shall, without undue delay, remedy the defective situation. Should NPÚ or the data processor fail to accommodate the Customer’s request, the Customer is entitled to turn to the Office for Personal Data Protection. This provision does not affect the Customer’s right to directly file a motion to the Office for Personal Data Protection.
  8. Should the Customer request information concerning his/her personal data processing, NPÚ shall be obliged to provide such information. For the provision of the information pursuant to the preceding sentence, NPÚ shall be entitled to request an adequate and reasonable fee not exceeding the necessary costs incurred in providing the information.
  9. For the purposes of data protection, the data transferred during the purchase of e-tickets between the Customer’s computer and NPÚ’s server are encoded.


Common and Final Provisions

  1. NPÚ reserves the right to terminate and delete user accounts of Customers (users) who have not bought any e-tickets for a period of twelve consecutive months.
  2. An email message is considered delivered when it is received by the incoming mail server.
  3. Should any provision of these Terms and Conditions be or become invalid or ineffective, it shall be replaced by valid provisions with purpose and meaning as close as possible to the original. Invalidity or ineffectiveness of a single provision shall not affect the validity of other provisions.
  4. Should the relationship related to the use of the website or the legal relationship arising from the contract contain an international (foreign) aspect, the parties agree that their relationship shall be governed by the Czech law. This does not affect consumer rights arising from the generally binding legal regulations.
  5. Should a dispute arise between a Customer and NPÚ/non-NPÚ organiser in connection with an e-ticket purchase or the progress of any Event, and the dispute is not settled in a mutually agreeable manner, the Customer may file a motion for out-of-court resolution to the Central 6 Inspectorate - Alternative Dispute Resolution department of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority (CTIA), Štěpánská 15, 120 00 Prague 2, email: adr@coi.cz, website: http://adr.coi.cz, who is authorized to resolve consumer disputes out-of-court. The Customer may also use the European Commission´s on-line platform for dispute resolution at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.
  6. The Customer agrees that these Terms and Conditions may be amended or extended by NPÚ. Any changes of or amendments to these Terms and Conditions shall be published at NPÚ web portal https://www.npu.cz/en/NPU-and-heritage-conservation/NPU-the-institution/Terms-and-Conditions. All changes shall be binding and effective as of the date of their publication, unless these Terms and Conditions stipulate a later date. This provision does not affect the rights and obligations arising in the period of validity of the previous versions of these Terms and Conditions.

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